Adobe is integrating its Digital Publishing Suite® (Adobe DPS) into Adobe Extension Manager® (AEM) as part of the Marketing Cloud – just announced at the GSMA Mobile World Congress.

The Adobe Digital Publishing Solution® as we know it will soon no longer exist, as announced by Adobe today at the GSMA Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona. Both the Adobe Publishing Suite as well as the new Adobe Digital Publishing Solution will be replaced as a result of their integration into Adobe Experience Manager® (AEM). These changes are part of Adobe’s continued development of its mobile strategy. As part of Adobe Experience Manager®, DPS will be integrated into the Marketing Cloud, enabling an expansion of Adobe’s mobile services.

What is Adobe Experience Manager® (AEM)?

Adobe Experience Manager® is a content management solution that is part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. AEM allows users to create websites, apps and forms while also enabling them to manage marketing content and assets.
Combining Adobe Experience Manager® with the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution® was previously already possible. According to Adobe, the advantages of this combination lie in well-structured asset management, comprehensive analytics, and the option to publish content across multiple channels (web and app).

What are the consequences of Adobe DPS® integration for existing and new customers?

Existing customers have until the end of February 2016 to extend their current licenses one last time. After that, all customers will need to switch to AEM. It is not yet clear whether all functions of the Digital Publishing Solution will be transferred to the new solution.

What is already certain is that in future, AEM will be the only Adobe option for app projects. The upgrade to AEM brings with it both an expansion of features and options, but also a completely different price level. New customers can expect a package price in the range of five to six digits. The obvious conclusion here is that with this move, Adobe is limiting itself to large clients, because the new cost-benefit ratio will not be worthwhile for many small and medium-sized enterprises. Publishing houses in particular are already struggling to monetize their digital products.

What options do DPS customers have now?

Adobe has announced that starting immediately, DPS will no longer be available as an individual solution. Customers who do not wish to upgrade or who cannot afford this option will be forced to seek an alternative. When selecting a provider, customers should check to see that their existing DPS folios can be integrated into the new solution.

Is Adobe AEM® out of your reach? Find an alternative solution!

Over the last few years, quite a bit has changed in the digital publishing market and other providers have positioned themselves as strong alternatives to Adobe. The following list provides a brief overview:

Purple Publishing Suite – specialized in interactive solutions, DPS folio imports come standard
Mag+ – specialized in print replicas with enhancements, provides PDF import scripts
Pressmatrix – specialized in print replicas with simple enhancements