sprylab kocht App

The increasing use of apps in internal communications is dictating a clear trend for the next year. Apps are preferably used for both internal and external communications in order to keep employees and customers up to date.

Here at sprylab we have also been thinking which app we could offer with regard to the upcoming holiday season and the closing of the year. An app that could be implemented with our Purple Publishing Suite, would give a personal insight into our company, and delight our customers, partners and our community.

The brilliant idea that emerged from our brainstorming session was “sprylab kocht” (trans. sprylab cooks). The app combines two of our greatest passions – food and magazine app design. Not a day passes by without exchanging a new, mouth-watering recipe over lunch at sprylab. That is why we have collected the most delicious and traditional recipes that our colleagues shared to present it in a mobile form. We wanted to show how a modern recipe book could be implemented as an app – and all of this, of course, without programming.

App in Google Play Store
App in Apple App Store

A small team designed and implemented both the framework and the content of the app within just two weeks.

Surprisingly, the app also stirred a lively exchange between the team. Many employees who volunteered to cook invited their colleagues to taste the dishes, and everyone was excited to see the new photos and recipes that made it to the app.

The app will be available on the App Store and Google Play Store on December 12.

Now take a look at the behind the scenes of “sprylab kocht” – App development

Ingredients for 1 cooking magazine, sufficient for 1 iOS app and 1 Android app



The implementation:

1. Collecting recipes and compiling a menu

During our monthly team breakfast in early November, the marketing department presented the idea of ​​the app to all the colleagues and asked those who love to cook to share their favorite recipes. The first ideas started pouring in quickly and the menu was created.

 2. Setting UI and UX design of the app


Our chosen design fits both our corporate identity as well as the app idea itself. We set the first layouts for the cover, the table of contents and the recipes. Subsequently, the concept for the user behavior and the navigation were also set.

3. Preparing the media standard


We collected photos on Pinterest for every selected dish to get food decoration and preparation inspiration. Then we wrote a small checklist with instructions for every photoshoot (each step requiring a photo or video, suggestions for stop-motion takes, tips and lighting).

4. Setting appointments and photoshooting


Improvisation was our slogan that ran throughout all the photoshoots. Cups served as tripods, reading lamps as light sources and, of course, Christmas decorations were taken out of the box. Each dish was then brought to the office for everyone to taste.

5. Collecting and writing texts

Every chef wrote down his recipe and a little story behind it. This followed by creating the cover and editorially processing all the texts.

6. Implementing the design

The ideas for UI as well as the look and feel of the app were implemented in Photoshop. In addition, the app kiosk, app icons and splash screens were designed.


7. Combining design with content


The Photoshop files were imported into the Purple Composer and optimized for all the different device classes. Gradually, the blank layout was filled with photos, videos and gifs, and ultimately brought to life.

8. Quality assurance

After the first layouts were filled, the app and the user experience were tested on all the major Android and iOS devices.

9. Submitting apps

At first, we optimized the iOS app and submitted it to the App Store, since the review period takes at least seven days. Android apps for the Google Play Store are usually approved within 24 hours.

Implementing high-quality app projects does not have to require much effort. We had a great deal of fun designing our newest app and are already fired up for the next issue, which will feature Grilling / BBQ. We will gladly advise you which apps are most suitable for your internal communications!