16 11, 2015

Next Generation Storytelling – Erweitertes Multimedia Storytelling

Warum Multimedia Storytelling nicht aufzuhalten ist und die Medienlandschaft nachhaltig verändern wird Spätestens seit der Veröffentlichung von Snow Fall (New York Times), das bekannteste Beispiel der neuen Generation von Multimedia Storytelling, ist klar, die Möglichkeiten sind unbegrenzt – sowohl technisch als auch optisch. Ein Szenario zu erzählen hilft bereits dabei, abstrakte Informationen zu verarbeiten, jedoch [...]

10 12, 2014


Congratulations to EPOS for producing an outstanding app with Purple   At the end of each year Apple nominates the most outstanding apps that have been launched on the App Store. The list for 2014 was just published and the app EPOS, that was produced with our Purple Publishing Suite, made it to the list [...]

9 04, 2014

EPOS – First World War – When Europe committed suicide

Innovative digital storytelling EPOS - Axel Springer Axel Springer together with Purple raises the bar for publishing immersive digital stories on tablets with its series “EPOS” published by DIE WELT. The first issue covers the First World War, with never seen footage, that was edited together with the Deutsches Historisches Museum (German Historical Museum). The [...]

2 04, 2014

Next Generation Storytelling – Modern brand storytelling

How brands become publishers In our previous blog entries we described what next generation storytelling is and why it will change the media landscape. Next to publishers especially brands benefit from the new way of digital storytelling. Companies are likely to be looking for a way to reduce marketing expenditures and create more satisfied customers [...]

17 03, 2014

Next Generation Storytelling – Publishers

While our last blog entry dealt with what next generation storytelling is about and how it already changes the media landscape, we’ll now look at why especially publishers need to rethink their portfolio and consider new possibilities. Digital Publishing Let’s get straight to the point. If you want readers to be willing to pay for [...]