Entice interaction

Brands and messages are more inclined to be remembered when combined with interaction. Purple provides many ways to increase reader involvement through interactions and animations in corporate publishing. These can be created easily in a dedicated design environment without any coding.

Multiple outputs

With a few clicks, Purple automatically generates the output for all digital channels, including iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, HTML5 and Flash. Publishers only create the story once and can serve their readers on all their digital channels – with no extra effort.

Native apps

By creating native apps, Purple ensures high quality performance of apps, animations and interactions. Users value the superior feeling and satisfaction through a smoother and more responsive app experience.


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Staying connected with customers, partners, investors and other stakeholders is very important
and increasingly challenging, with all the channels available.

Purple enables organizations and agencies to create their individual apps all by themselves. With high-end features and native device implementation, Purple ensures the best possible user experience on mobile devices. In addition, app templates can be customized to make the user experience highly unique.


Mobile Publisher-Portfolio

WEKA MEDIA Publishing GmbH
WEKA used Purple to produce 16 digital magazines with over 200 issues.

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EPOS – iPad Magazine

WELT Gruppe, Axel Springer
The iPad knowledge and history magazine,
is among the best apps of 2014.

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Cookies Recipes App

Meine Familie & Ich
Mobile use of the recipes database
from the magazine “Meine Familie & Ich”

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Our features allow an effective production environment.

Independent Design Environment

The intuitive but powerful Purple Composer was specifically developed for digital publishing, making the production process fast and easy. Start designing and publishing immediately – no skills required.

Plug-ins for Adobe® Products

Import your Adobe® InDesign® and Adobe® Photoshop® assets with all layers and create powerful stories through animations and interactions. Purple also supports many other file formats and can easily be extended.


Create remarkable user experiences by adding interactions to any object on the stage and start animations or call scenes, pages, URLs, pop-ups or custom code in addition to standard and custom tablet and smartphone gestures.
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