Unique and engaging stories

Magazine publishers require a short turnaround time for new issues while delivering an advanced digital reading experience for key articles and advertisements. They thereby constantly balance static content and highly engaging presentation formats in an effort to cost-effectively meet the demands of a maturing digital audience.

Scrollable articles

Recent studies show that readers of tablet magazines expect scrollable articles, clickable links and multimedia content. Purple supports scolling-driven animations with linear storytelling, called Scrollytelling.

Customize templates

With Purple, it is easy to create a publication that is truly unique. Animations and interactions are used to quickly deliver powerful storytelling for important content. App templates are fully customizable, so you can define a very specific reading experience for your audience across all pages.


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Get the most out of your resources and delight your customers.

With little effort, you can give your readers a significant added value.
Integrate animated infographics, videos and audio files to their mobile magazine.

Newspaper publishers need to combine fast production and update cycles with unique storytelling for selective articles, infographics or advertisements. They typically serve a great variety of digital channels, reaching from online and tablet to smartphone and sometimes TV – within their time constraints. Purple was built from ground up for digital publishing. No matter what sources you want to use, what content management system you have, or what your app should look like: it is very easy to adapt it specifically to your processes, infrastructure and preferences to maximize your efficiency.


Mobile Publisher-Portfolio

WEKA MEDIA Publishing GmbH
WEKA used Purple to produce 16 digital magazines with over 200 issues.

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EPOS – iPad Magazine

WELT Gruppe, Axel Springer
The iPad knowledge and history magazine,
is among the best apps of 2014.

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News Feed App with several channels combined with a magazine kiosk.

MyDaily Cosmopolitan

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Our features allow an effective production environment.

Independent Design Environment

The intuitive but powerful Purple Composer was specifically developed for digital publishing, making the production process fast and easy. Start designing and publishing immediately – no skills required.

Plug-ins for Adobe® Products

Import your Adobe® InDesign® and Adobe® Photoshop® assets with all layers and create powerful stories through animations and interactions. Purple also supports many other file formats and can easily be extended.


Create remarkable user experiences by adding interactions to any object on the stage and start animations or call scenes, pages, URLs, pop-ups or custom code in addition to standard and custom tablet and smartphone gestures.
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