Produce Quickly

Import PDF and immediately publish or choose to enrich with multimedia files, animations and interactions. Done. Fully intergraded all-in-one tool for your production process.

Present Reliably

The presentation of new content on Android usually costs many publishers long and sleepless nights. Purple is the only publishing solution that produces fully native apps and reliably presents your qualitative content.

Shape the Future

Replica apps are limited, but not with Purple. With features such as customizing and animating advertisements, infographics, or entire articles, and incorporating scrollytelling (e.g. EPOS app), you have the full control to configure your apps.


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With Purple you can efficiently create not only ePaper solutions, but also upgrade and expand these individually and any time. Readers and advertisers will appreciate it.

weka_media_lreferenzWEKA Media Publishing Verlag has already published 16 magazine apps with over 250 issues for smartphones and tablets in App Store and Play Store. Read more. 
Links to WEKA apps in App Store and Google Play

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Our features allow an effective production environment.


Create animations by using keyframes for start, intermediate and end states of any layer. Design beautiful animations all on your own and very quickly.

In-App and Subscription

Apps you produce with Purple provide in-app and subscription purchase functionality. As the apps can be customized at any time, they can also be connected to your subscription service.

100 % native Apps

Generate well performing and reliable results with 100 % native apps on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. Eliminate time consuming and costly quality checks on a myriad of Android devices and operating system versions.
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