Driving Revenue

Achieve higher revenue from your apps by delivering highly valued publications and getting excellent ratings from users. Ensure you don’t miss out on any potential your story can generate for you – especially considering the little effort and cost it takes with Purple to tell the stories right on tablets and smartphones.

Cutting edge multimedia storytelling

Take advantage of the best software on the market, to tell your unique story. Embed your readers and offer the best reading experiment that is available. With Purple you can implement, test, adjust your story yourself – until it is perfect.

Code Free

With Purple you don’t need developers to create such an app, you can implement it very fast yourself. This speeds up production time and lowers the costs immensely. And there is more: With Purple you can create highly reliable and well performing apps by using pure native code.


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A new form of digital storytelling

With linear storytelling (scrollytelling) storytellers can now create highly immersive publications all by themselves. Through the digital design environment called Purple Composer, they can blend text, audio, video, animations, interactions and more into a powerful reading experience. By setting markers in the text and executing animations and other actions when reaching a certain position, readers become engaged seamlessly in the developing story. All actions magically execute without any further interaction at the perfect time – as they depend on the reading speed.

But there is so much more! That’s why we startet to collect the greatest digital storytelling examples from brands and organizations.


Mobile Publisher-Portfolio

WEKA MEDIA Publishing GmbH
WEKA used Purple to produce 16 digital magazines with over 200 issues.

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EPOS – iPad Magazine

WELT Gruppe, Axel Springer
The iPad knowledge and history magazine,
is among the best apps of 2014.

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Mobile Publisher-Portfolio

WEKA MEDIA Publishing GmbH
WEKA used Purple to produce 16 digital magazines with over 200 issues.

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Our features allow an effective production environment.


Create animations by using keyframes for start, intermediate and end states of any layer. Design beautiful animations all on your own and very quickly.

In-App and Subscription

Apps you produce with Purple provide in-app and subscription purchase functionality. As the apps can be customized at any time, they can also be connected to your subscription service.

100 % native Apps

Generate well performing and reliable results with 100 % native apps on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. Eliminate time consuming and costly quality checks on a myriad of Android devices and operating system versions.
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