Congratulations to EPOS for producing an outstanding app with Purple


At the end of each year Apple nominates the most outstanding apps that have been launched on the App Store. The list for 2014 was just published and the app EPOS, that was produced with our Purple Publishing Suite, made it to the list „Best of 2014“! We are incredibly proud of the entire EPOS team that combined excellent storytelling and highly innovative Purple features to bring an outstanding app to the market!

EPOS is a science and history magazine of the WELT Group, which is part of one of the largest publishers in Europe, Axel Springer. EPOS wove together texts, images, animations, videos and other multimedia elements in unforeseen ways and created a fluent story which the user controls by scrolling the text. Editors, designers and multimedia experts of the WELT managed by Hans Evert cooperated with the Deutsches Historisches Museum (German Historical Museum) to turn more than 200 book pages and several hundred multimedia elements into a digital publication which readers can get fully immersed in. For the implementation, the Purple Publishing Suite was used, which transfers new digital narrative formats into individual and performant native apps without programming.

The app uses a new storytelling technology, called Storyline, that Axel Springer used to create a highly immersive publication all by themselves. Through the digital design environment oft he Purple Publishing Suite, called Purple Composer, they were able to blend text, audio, video, animations, interactions and more into a powerful reading experience. By setting markers in the text and executing animations and other actions when reaching a certain position, readers become seamlessly engaged in the developing story. All actions magically execute without any further interaction at the perfect time – as they depend on the reading speed.