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EPOS – Axel Springer

Axel Springer together with Purple raises the bar for publishing immersive digital stories on tablets with its series “EPOS” published by DIE WELT. The first issue covers the First World War, with never seen footage, that was edited together with the Deutsches Historisches Museum (German Historical Museum). The app allows the reader to deeply dive into the circumstances and historical events of that time, and experience the comprehensive content intuitively through an orchestrated storytelling controlled by the reading speed of the user itself.

The idea behind EPOS – deliver immersive digital stories
Mobile devices provide great opportunities to tell immersive stories. The goal of EPOS is to use next generation digital storytelling to turn comprehensive stories into an impressive and fun experience. Instead of leaving readers with options to press videos, animations and more, the editors composed a finely orchestrated story that automatically triggers the event, when the reader has reached a certain area in the text. The editors created the story for EPOS all by themselves without any programming with the Purple Publishing Suite. Purple provides the features as part of STORYLINE for anyone to use.

Why readers enjoy and value STORYLINE?
STORYLINE uses the possibilities of mobile devices and seamlessly blends words , animation, pictures, videos and audio into a well-orchestrated story. The user receives complete control over the temporal course of the story through the touchscreen. By scrolling the text forwards and backwards, the user controls the digital elements, videos or audio sequences as well as animations, which are placed throughout the story. The user can also jump through the individual chapters with swipe gestures or by choosing chapters from a menu.

The story of the first issue
The first issue of EPOS “When Europe committed suicide” observes the First World War in all its facets. In the beginning, the political and social reasons are inspected closely, for which the user receives background information via videos, animated graphics and diagrams, and maps showing the alliances. These all give a deep insight into the exact circumstances at work. The following chapters are accompanied by similar relevant animations; in this manner, the story shows “Old Europe” and the start of the war, then individual aspects such as artists and the role of women during the war, as well as the way out of the war and the consequences. Further issues are in planning.

The process of production for EPOS
EPOS was implemented using the Purple Publishing Suite, that designers, authors, journalists, publishers and other creatives can use to create beautiful, high quality, interactive stories. As this was the first project of its kind, Purple was extended during the three-month-long production phase. As of now, however, all function such as the user-controlled animations are integrated into Purple by default and can be used for further issues or similar projects from the start. Thus, only the content needs to be created for new projects.

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