How brands become publishers

In our previous blog entries we described what next generation storytelling is and why it will change the media landscape. Next to publishers especially brands benefit from the new way of digital storytelling.

Companies are likely to be looking for a way to reduce marketing expenditures and create more satisfied customers by delivering great content. With all the different media channels, brands turn more and more into publishers to build a community or fan base.

A Nielsen study about global trust in advertising shows that companies gain most confidence with storytelling in social media networks while brands and messages are remembered more often when combined with interaction. But next to social media, it is also still important to invest in print and open-air advertising. Most brands try to combine their marketing activities. They show behind the scene videos of TV campaigns on their Youtube channel, share memes on Facebook and present their portfolio with an app.

For this, marketers and media agencies have been searching for a way to easily create multimedia content for their cross-media activities. One solution is to use elements of digital storytelling. This method has the power to engage users while using new technology to combine user controlled interactions and multimedia stories. This way brands can cover nearly every digital channel, from websites to native apps.

Let’s have a look at some of the possibilities:

1. Multimedia portfolio apps
Companies can use their existing content to create stunning and valuable apps. However, they need a good mobile strategy to meet customer needs on first choice devices, seen by the fact that over 80 % off all apps are only opened once. Elements of digital publishing can help to improve the success of an app. One example is a digital product catalog with the latest news, high quality product pictures, videos of the product in action, or an in app shop system.

2. Multimedia instruction manual
A really helpful app is a multimedia instruction manual that supports customers in every way. Animated technical infographics, how-to-videos and the option to call for help are possible elements of a great corporate multimedia app.

3. Multimedia success stories with testimonials
Testimonial based success stories are a great way to show product features and to trigger emotions. Yet most online media work best with short stories, due to the consumer’s short attention span

One element of next generation multimedia storytelling is STORYLINE – a linear scrollable multimedia story. STORYLINE changes the need for short stories with its use of smart user interactions and the opportunity to select individual chapters.

Use case:
Imagine a steel and metal engineering firm celebrating its 15th anniversary and deciding to create an emotinal app to show its employees what they have been working on all these years. With a STORYLINE app, the firm can tell immersive multimedia stories of its products with examples in practice. Let’s take for instance a hip prosthesis made out of the very metals each engineer processes every day. With images of inital sketches, stories and videos of individuals with the prosthesis and other media, each step of the metal’s process can be shown in a storyline divided into chapters. Thus, the workers see the value of their work and, best of all, can decide which part of the story to spend how much time at.

This is just one of many inbound marketing examples – of course, this works perfectly well for outbound marketing. Feeling inspired yet? Which story about your brand would you tell with STORYLINE? Go creative and let us know!

Realization of digital brand storytelling

Multiple facts have to be considered before publishing a digital brand story. For a single campaign it might be reasonable to develop a single native app or a landing page with the help of a software company. But if companies want to release the same story on multiple devices and update content on a regular basis, this will be costly and time consuming. The other way to develop multimedia stories is with digital publishing suites like Purple which support every mobile operating system and web browser – and, just as important, your content files – from Adobe InDesign to Excel.