Project Description

From PDF to eMagazine – 16 eMagazines with over 200 issues

The WEKA Media Publishing Verlag converted its entire digital strategy to Purple Publishing Suite. The publisher transformed a total of 16 eMagazines with more than 200 issues from 3DZ to Purple with the help of Purple Importer. The biggest advantage of this transition is the possibility to extend PDFs with multiple elements and animation, as it is achieved in magazines such as IntMag, ColorPhoto Nikon Edition, ColorFoto Cannon Edition and media@home.

IntMag, media@home, connect, connect Magazin, SCREENGUIDE, Business & IT, CONNECTED HOME, PCgo, stereoplay, Video, AUDIO, PC Magazin, ColorFoto, ColorFoto Nikon Edition, ColorFoto Canon Edition and ColorFoto Edition Digital are among the magazines transformed using the Purple Publishing Suite.