Project Description

For the first time, articles of e-magazines can be automatically adapted for Android and iOS phones with a publishing suite, and subsequently enhanced. Articles are published in theme channels and are connected to a subscription Kiosk with Purple Channel. The very first project that was implemented with this solution is the MyDaily COSMOPOLITAN app. iOS | Android

Mobile readers expect up-to-date content and exciting content

If you take a look at the mobile magazine world today you will mainly find PDF based replica e-magazines. For print magazine readers, this is a nice service, but it does not excite new reader groups. Another way to offer PDF e-magazines is by enriching these with additional multimedia content.

However, it does not enhance the content readability, especially on smartphones. The next stage embodies the so-called ‘mobile-optimized’ offers, where the content is adapted to the mobile end devices. These apps are very positively valued by readers and thus celebrate significant success. Until now these required a time-consuming and costly content implementation. Both of these models can be covered with the Purple Publishing Suite.

As of now, however, there is a possibility to automatically bring updated contents to apps. Publishers can now not only efficiently adapt the contents to their end devices with Purple Templating, but also achieve this in a timely manner. Now, the expectations of the readers, who want to be positively surprised every time they open the app, can be efficiently met.

Automated e-magazine template solution for Android and iOS devices – the publishing solution of the future

We took this challenge upon us together with the Bauer publishing house and extended our publishing solution in order to create on-demand content that can be loaded into individual channels. The product expansion “Purple Channel” was developed specifically for e-magazines on smartphones.

This practical solution meets the expectations of both the readers and publishers. Purple Channel is the perfect combination of automation and editorial design possibilities. The editing of articles and app managing is realized without any programming with Purple.

The very first project that was implemented with this solution is the MyDaily COSMOPOLITAN app. iOS | Android


The new MyDaily app is available for iOS and Android smartphones. The app is supplied with new articles from different subject channels and thus remains updated daily. The app does not only convince with its cutting-edge content, but also stuns with its modern design. The intuitive user interface is easy to use while the dynamic transitions and playful interactions emphasize the quality of the content and the products advertised.

That special something – single articles can be updated despite the automatization

With Purple Channel articles can be edited individually and the entire app can be managed without any programming. The Purple Publishing Suite provides a dedicated design environment available with the Purple Composer – therefore no great effort is needed in order to edit the articles later.

The editorial team of Cosmopolitan MyDaily app offers their readers more value by issuing articles equipped with animations and interactive content such as quizzes. The individual accumulation of automatically generated articles is an important feature because it signifies extra added value for readers. It increases not only the app recognition but also the user willingness to buy Cosmopolitan products. This way, the Cosmopolitan print magazines optimized for mobile devices are made available for a fee-based download.

The Purple Publishing Suite is currently the only solution that offers these editing capabilities in a compact production environment without any programming.

Technical implementation in the background

The feature builds on the existing infrastructure of the Purple design environment, content and app management, as well as the native Purple engine developed for iOS and Android. The editorial team of Cosmopolitan used the Purple Composer to design templates for Cosmopolitan articles. The style elements of print layouts were used in order to draw on the look and feel of the magazine. Design elements or entire layouts can be adopted using the Purple InDesign plugin and then optimized for mobile devices with Purple Templating.

Content transfer from various CMS systems

The template articles are connected with different data sources in order to fill the content both from the web CMS and the print CMS. The editorial team has the option to view, edit and extend a preview version in the Purple Composer design environment at any time. This attribute can be individually carried out for any article and is entirely optional. Moreover, it does not require any programming knowledge.

Graphics and images are automatically optimized for mobile use

A common optimization problem always occurs when print data is transferred to mobile devices: images in CMYK color space or in bulky image formats such as TIFF are automatically resized and converted for mobile use.

Therefore, a matching app framework and different theme channels are created in the Purple Manager. Thus, articles can be assigned to appropriate channels and published. The channels can depict a substantive app or can be connected to the current magazine subscription Kiosk or other static content.

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