The Purple Publishing Suite is now live and for available for everybody.

Now it’s live! We have been eagerly anticipating this day and are excited to make the new version of Purple Composer available to you. This completes the Purple Publishing Suite.

sprylab, an expert in mobile solutions, has been working closely with leading publishers since 2010 to develop the Purple Publishing Suite, a solution for preparing content for mobile devices very efficiently. Especially its extensive capabilities of innovative digital storytelling has led to EPOS being selected as one of the best apps in the App Store 2014 by Apple. The history and science magazine by publisher Axel Springer was fully created with the Purple Publishing Suite by journalists and designers.

Innovative digital storytelling formats help readers develop an emotional tie to a publication and thus drive the most important app success criteria: positive feedback and recommendations. And makes them highly attractive for agencies and companies. The Purple Publishing Suite has been developed ground up for new media formats. It therefore offers a great amount of possibilities for creating digital stories – in contrast to existing print tools that have only been enhanced for digital use.

All kinds of media and document formats can be used as a starting point: InDesign files, images, videos, texts or PDFs. With Purple anyone can develop innovative digital storytelling with existing material and amaze readers with immersive stories. Now agencies and companies can use the Purple Publishing Suite to produce highly individual and beautiful apps. These can include corporate or product publications, customer magazines, sales and marketing materials, training materials or apps for internal communications. With Purple they are able to apply their creative core competence in the mobile world.

Set up your Purple Manager Account for free and download the free Purple Composer to create you app content.