Over the past couple of months we have intensively worked on further developing the Purple Publishing Suite. We have not only advanced our product development but also our documentation.

In our Knowledgebase, you can now find video tutorials and step-by-step instructions for PDF and eMagazines (based on Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe InDesign®) projects.

Product updates


  • Bug fixes
  • Increased the performance and stability of the Purple apps
  • Introduced an automated import for Adobe DPS Folio editions


Purple Apps and Purple Composer Release (Version 177)

  • External links open in a new in-app WebView without leaving the app.
  • Advanced gesture control: swipe gestures can be assigned to actions (analog to taps).
  • Content fit strategies (single page portrait, double page landscape) can be set for each page. Apps may now include mixed issues (with PDF, eMagazine, etc.).
  • Composer Connect allows for a direct device connection in order to test the preview app and its content without uploading it into the Purple Composer.
  • Multiple actions for events: for example, the function of scene change that triggers a pop-up in this new scene.
  • Jump to Element at each alignment in addition to Jump to Scene & Page.
  • Push Deep Linking.
  • New actions for scene change: scenes can now be easily changed and played in rotation.
  • Video performance can now be controlled (enable full screen at start, shrink at end, etc.).
  • Scrollbars can be hidden.
  • Pagination within a page: horizontal and vertical pagination can be enabled.


Purple Manager

  • Simplified access to app creation through the optimisation of the onboarding process and revised default settings.
  • Apps and test apps created in the Purple Manager can now be installed on devices simply by using QR codes.
  • Add teams and “private spaces” (formerly: Account). Apps and publications can be shifted and moved around between teams.