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Readers love apps with current and relevant content on their smartphones, open them frequently and integrate them into their daily routine. Producing such apps with a flexible publishing solution and updating them efficiently has been on the wishlist of many companies and publishers for a long time.

With Purple Channel this dream has become reality. Articles can now be published continuously, that show up in the app when refreshed, and can be downloaded on demand when selected.


First project: MyDaily Cosmo

The first app is now live: It is MyDaily Cosmopolitan from publisher Bauer Media Group.

Articles are automatically produced with Purple tempalting and then uploaded to different channels based on their category. Articles can also be refined at any time or created manually, and then added to the app. As soon as a reader opens the app, teasers for articles show up in the respective channels. Once they tap the preview, the whole article is downloaded and subsequently available for reading, like in other feed driven apps.

Purple Channel is available within the subscription model of the Purple Publishing Suite



Native  apps


With Purple Channel, Content can be published onto iOS and also Android devices anytime. In addition, the apps are fully native.

Digital storytelling


You have the whole spectrum of animations and interactions at your fingertisp to design the articles and create immersive storytelling.



Your apps can be fully customized to your requirements. In addition, the Purple Publishing Suite is very flexible and can be adapted to your workflows.

Combine with kiosk


You can also combine channels with a normal kiosk, where individual publications are on display and can be purchased.

Payment and coupons


Content in channels can be provided for free or offered as in-app purchase, subscription or through coupons.

Channel priority


Readers can set their preferences for channels in the app. They can also search in all published articles and download them on demand.


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