Purple Templating

Screen sizes of smartphones and tablets differ greatly in size and even within the respective device classes, different aspect ratios need to be considered. Presenting content perfectly on different mobile devices therefore is a challenge.

Users appreciate mobile optimized content, but the expense of adapting content for every device is significant and can hardly be monetized.

Previous approaches involved a great deal of coding and maintenance. Purple provides the first truly compelling solution with Purple Templating. Templates for various articles and display formats can be produced graphically within the design environment Purple Composer. The content is then transferred into the templates via XML. Depending on the content, the placeholders expand automatically. After the articles are automatically generated, it is also possible open and refine them or add special effects using Purple Composer.

Therefore, with Purple you have the possibility to create articles manually, partly automated or fully automated. This way you save both time and effort, and provide your readers with an optimal result.

Purple Templating demonstrates its advantages particularly well with Purple Channel. Here current information has to be produced quickly and published to the apps. Just as with MyDaily Cosmopolitan – an app of the Bauer Media Group. The publishing house keeps all options open next to the automated production in order to refine certain articles later on or even create them entirely manually.

And this is precisely the goal of Purple – to produce publications as efficiently as possible so that enough time remains to engage readers with good digital storytelling.



Design templates

Designers can now create and modify templates for different articles and display formats all by themselves in the design environment Purple Composer.

Dynamic layouting

The templates are designed using placeholders for different objects. These adapt dynamically to the content and keep the defined distances.

Subsequent processing

Even automatically produced publications can be edited and refined afterwards in Purple Composer.

XML from Adobe® InDesign®

The templates can be filled with any kind of structured XML – including XMLs from Adobe® InDesign® files. Tags are thus linked with placeholders.

Easy CMS integration

Integrations to content management systems are available – more can be added quickly and easily through the open exchange format.

Workflow adaption

Purple is flexible and, as a result, can easily adapt to existing workflows. Purple Templating thus becomes a component of your process chain.


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