Transform content into emotional stories that sell within all digital channels, and don’t require any programming.


Native iOS & Android apps

You produce and manage native iOS and Android apps for smartphones and tablets with Purple. These are constantly adapted to the mobile operating system updates.


Digitales Storytelling

Through interactive content, key-frame animations, scrollytelling, and the use of gamification you create unique storytelling formats.


HTML5 Output

Utilize Purple for interactive advertising on websites or in apps, for exceptional landing pages or web magazines.

Web projects and apps created with Purple are exceptional.






Unlike with a building block concept, layouts are imported either from Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop or are completely redesigned and then enhanced with animation and interactive content. This individuality pays back. Purple apps are regularly awarded and featured in the Apple App Store.




We heard what you have to say and customized Purple for the day-to-day needs of agencies.





Adobe Plugins

You can import your layouts, including all items from Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. You’re working with Adobe DPS? Simply import your folios and convert them into Purple files.


Multi-platfom Publishing

Build your project once and use the output for all channels. From app, to homepage and social media channels. Integrated sharing options allow for the greatest reach.


Open Interfaces & Analytics

Purple offers you open interfaces for content management systems, analysis tools or mobile marketing tools such as AppBoy.




Are you ready to implement totally wicked projects?

In addition to the extensive standard configuration, Purple can also be extended with individual development.
These include location-based services (iBeacon, augmented reality with GPS or with another trigger), motion sensors and production automation.

We’re experts in the field, however it is entirely up to you to choose with whom you want to undertake the implementation. No matter the decision, we will provide you with open APIs.

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